Adopt an Artifact

Help support the documentation, conservation, and storage of the more than 10,000 tribal objects in Mitchell Museum’s collection. 

With an annual contribution of at least $100, you can ensure that future generations can learn about it.

As our thanks for your support, you will receive a Certificate of Adoption, a photograph, and a historical description of the artifact, and you can visit the object with museum staff (if not on display).  You will also see your name listed in our Newsletter and Annual Report.

Your artifact adoption is tax-deductible and makes a great gift!

If an object caught your eye or if you are looking for a certain type of object to adopt, reach out to museum staff and we will be happy to arrange an adoption.  The following objects are currently looking to be adopted:

Polar Bear & Seal Carving
Inuit carvers capture family life, traveling, hunting, and animals in sculptures like this polar bear hunting seals made in 1988 by Joanasi Jack Ittukallsik.

Gift of June and Bernard Kleban.

Eye Dazzler Rug
This late 1800s Navajo Eye-Dazzler rug incorporates brightly colored Germantown wool and aniline dyes in repeated geometric designs that appear to “vibrate.”

Gift of the Chicago History Museum.

Jemez Pueblo potter, Kathleen Wall, creates these jovial forms depicting Koshare clowns that play a prominent role in Pueblo culture and dances.

Gift of Allan Nelson.


Black Ash Basket
Like many Great Lakes black-ash basket weavers in the 20th century, Agnes Rapp, Potawatomi, added new colors and ornate curls to her basketry like this one she made in 1994.

Gift of Danielle VanZelst.

Nez Perce Pictorial Belt Pouch
Pictorial beadwork, like this 20th century Nez Perce stag belt pouch, illustrate animals, plants, and scenes from everyday life using beads sewn onto the hide.

Gift of John L. Cook.

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