“Are Native Americans US citizens?” “How many Indigenous people live in this country?” “Do all American Indians live on reservations?” “What are the right words to describe the people who have always lived here?”   

It is common for people to have questions about the lives and experiences of Native peoples. Still, knowing where to find answers or who to ask can be challenging. That is why the Mitchell Museum has set out to share information about Native Americans with the public through Indige-Facts, our new traveling exhibit! Indige-Facts includes ten 20×30” inch panels featuring facts about contemporary Native Americans. The traveling exhibit covers topics ranging from accepted terminology and population size to the sovereign rights of Native people.    

Indige-Facts panels are lightweight and easily mounted to walls or free-standing frames using pre-attached Velcro strips. Quick and easy to install and de-install, Indige-Facts is a great way to educate yourself and your peers, students, or colleagues on contemporary Native life in the United States!    

To book, contact us at info@mitchellmuseum.org or (847) 475-1030.


Mobile Exhibit Rental Fee: $950 plus shipping each way   

Deposit returned with undamaged panels: $250 

*Exhibit panels can be printed in various sizes for an additional fee